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At Moorooka Chiropractic Centre, we go beyond just addressing the cause of symptoms. Through evidence-based chiropractic care and massage therapy, we learn, understand and take care of your body to improve the quality of your life. 



chiropractic care

With 5 years university training and government registration, Chiropractors are referred to as the spinal care experts. Using gentle and effective techniques, they get to the cause and achieve lasting results with a variety of health concerns.

Whether it be neck pain, low back pain, headaches, sports injuries or wanting your spine to be at its best, our team gets results. We work with the spine, muscles and nerves to get to the cause of your problems to relieve your pain, improve your health and enhance your life.

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Do you want to feel and function at your best?

Remedial massage therapy can help reduce muscle tension and pain by targeting specific areas of discomfort or injury. Additionally, it promotes improved blood circulation, which aids in the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, promoting faster healing and recovery.

Our massage therapists offers diverse skills ranging from deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage to Swedish and Reflexology. 

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Our fee schedules




Initial consultation $98 $85
Report of findings  $85 $75
Standard consultation  $65 $56
Long consultation $85 $75
 Massage Therapy
Duration  Fee
90 minutes $135
60 minutes $90
45 minutes $75
30 minutes $55

It’s amazing what the human body can do when you give it the opportunity. We’re here to help you reach your potential and get the most out of life.